20 Million Single Moms: Will Obama Go For Them?

20 million single moms stayed out of the 2000 and 2004 races. They are disenchanted. They don't bother. The question is, will Obama try and bring them into the process? It is not enough to talk of universal health care. These 20 million people have to be specifically targeted.

Barack Obama's mother was a single mom for parts of her life. But it is not enough to mention that. These 20 million people are a specific group with specific political needs. They have to be addressed as a group, like African Americans are, like Hispanics are.

This is key to Obama getting ahead of Hillary. If he refuses to address this crowd, he will continue to lag in the national polls.

The debate on single moms is necessary. Is this a case of family breakdown? Is this a case of men not managing to keep pace with liberated women in terms of their gender attitudes? Is it a case of economic pressures? Is it a case of unplanned pregnancies? Is it to do with weak family values? Why disproportionately women?

This is a very specific demographic. That has to be recognized.

Their primary political needs might be to do with child care facilities. Once the political will is mustered, details will follow.

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Thanks for the poignant post.

And wow, did you create that collage?... With the black and white photo of my daughter and me in the middle? Very cool. I'd love to get a copy.

Maybe it's because I live in the S.F. Bay Area, but I don't know one single mom who does NOT vote. Across the board, all of my single mom friends and I are very political... and as yet, we all support Obama.