There Is A Lot Of Room For Newt

How strong is the Democratic presidential field? Salon Three out of five Republicans said in a March poll that they were unhappy with their candidates, and in July "none of the above" was the Republican front-runner.
Newt has many foibles but lack of ideas is not one of them. He is not capable of being a Democrat but he is capable of being a worthy adversary. He showed a greater strength in the ideas department than in the people skills department during his prime. And a lot of Republicans whose careers he helped launch dumped him when they got the chance.

I see a strong possibility of his throwing his hat into the ring later this year when the presidential race would have begun if it were one of the previous cycles. Newt will not have been late. Others would have been early.

He will definitely bring more color to the race. The Republican debates would get less dull. His 1994 victory will get written about all over again: it was quite dramatic after all.

I know he is thinking about it. I think he will do it. I think he is going to seriously unsettle the current Republican cart. Everyone who is running will have to take notice.

At this point I have no idea how well he will do. But he will definitely bring with him a whole lot of media attention. He is going to spark debate. You can always count on Newt to bring along some fresh ideas.

He might or might not end up the nominee, but he will have made a difference regardless. But the way things are going, he will stand as good a chance as anyone else in the running.

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