Gender: The Only Thing Hillary Has Going For Her

Yeah, Let's Make History

I think it would be historic for America to get a woman president. But it would be more historic for America to get a black president. A white woman has to be 90 to remember a time when she not vote. A black person - man or woman - only has to be 50.

If this election is about making history, let's nominate and elect Barack.

But Barack is more than Black, he is a package deal. He is also Asian, and Third World. He is African, of course. The dude actually has a grandmother who lives in a hut with no electricity or running water. He has another grandmother who lives in the same apartment where she raised him.

When the white woman could not vote in America, Kenya was a British colony. Much of Asia was colonized. So, yes, let's make history. Let's nominate and elect someone who is linked to former colonies by blood. Let's make history.

Curiously Barack is also white. He is Dick Cheney's cousin. How much whiter than that can you get? That is Wyoming white. They only have white people in that state. I think.

Barack is not a woman, but you can't use that against him. He was raised by a woman. He is outnumbered by women in his family, three to one. But the whole ying yang philosophy is that there is a woman inside every man, and a man inside every woman. When Hillary laughs, that is the man part. When Barack blushes, that is the woman part.

Hillary went to an all white high school. How boring is that? Barack attended school on a few different continents.

The First American President

Barack Exudes Power
Barack's Primary Opponents

America was always meant to be multiracial, the idea it was founded on was not white-specific. It was not meant to be white-specific, although the country even today struggles to live that dream.

It is that multi-racial DNA of America that tells me it will continue to be the leading country also in this century. Japan and China are too one ethnicity. Europe is not open enough to immigrants.

But America always has had only white guy presidents. That leads me to the claim that Barack Obama is going to be America's first president. In a way. I think that would be a great way for America to start this century. By electing Barack.

Symbolism, Substance Of Gender

Does Hillary Have A Gender Card?

I think Hillary's name recognition and the poll numbers that name recognition has given her has prevented her from doing the hard work of substance on gender. She is hung up on the symbolism.

All the big South Asian countries have had women heads of states. But South Asia is so very sexist. The sexism did not budge much, if at all. A woman head of state is not enough for women's liberation. The only way to gender equality is the grassroots way.

The Grassroots Power Woman
Muscular Gender Agenda

I think it is such a waste that a talented, smart, hard working woman like Hillary who is the first serious woman candidate for president is not talking up the substance of gender. What a waste!

John Edwards Is Going To Have To Endorse Barack

Edwards and Barack are so alike in terms of where they stand on the message of change, on ethics reform, on getting money out of politics. Hillary, on the other hand, shamelessly flaunts her ties to lobbyists.

Barack and Edwards might look good together.

After Edwards drops out of the race, I think he will have no option but to endorse Barack. They are carbon copies of each other on the key issues. Edwards is Barack minus the money, the support and the charisma. But the man is right on the issues. And he sure has the fighting spirit.

And what I like particularly is he portrays the new face of the South. He is a white guy who lived segregation in his native South, was repulsed by it, and is, as a result, very progressive on race.


I think he did well in the Nevada debate. He really got his message across. He did best among the minor candidates.

Debate Watch Party: Venue Change

Real Differences

Put race and gender aside. Put aside the fact that Barack and Hillary are both very smart people. Put aside the fact that both have been raising a lot of money and have real support all across the country.

If you look at their policy positions, there are some very real differences.

Iraq, Iran, Social Security, Ethics Reform. Hillary might change her position on driving licenses for undocumented immigrants, but she does not have the option to change her position on these big issues. She is stuck with where she stands on these big issues.

Hillary's Pro-War, Anti-Immigration Plank
Draw Distinctions, Work The Fundamentals

Hillary's cavalier attitude towards immigration I find personally offensive.


This would be the Obama staffer who runs Obama 2008's downtown Manhattan office. Towards the end of the debate he mentioned Barack's sister Maya will be in the office from three to four in the afternoon.

That news was so emotional to me. I mean, heck. I can't even vote. I am not a citizen. My support for Barack is deeply, deeply personal. It is almost not political, although that it is.

The way I put it is, I lost something in 1989. I stand to regain that through Barack's elevation to the White House. That personal.

It was Maya who gave voice to why I like Barack so much. And I am quite a wordy person myself. But it was Maya who finally gave me these four words. I was not able to get to them myself on my own. I am going to meet her and I am going to thank her for those four words.

Barack, "He Walks Between Worlds"

My Political Instincts

I pride myself in my political instincts. My support for Barack is deeply personal. But my political instincts tell me Barack has the potential to become the greatest president America ever had. Now that is not personal. That is me being as objective as I can be. That is me staking my political reputation on the statement.

Barack's Primary Opponents

Barack sure is ready for America. Is America ready for Barack?

Americans stand to do themselves a huge favor by putting this dude into the White House.

Barack will bring together the best qualities of three presidents, Lincoln, FDR and JFK. He will liberate America from racism like Lincoln liberated America from slavery. He will bring universal health care and give a new life to Social Security. That is FDR. And he will bring JFK's charisma, youthfulness and "viguh" to the office as well as his ability to reach all corners of the earth.