If There Is Another 9/11 Style Attack

Barack Lost The South Carolina Debate
South Carolina Debate

Al Qaeda Strikes India, Wants Hindu-Muslim Riots
Bush Nabbed Saddam, His Mandate Was To Nab Osama

That was the key question that got asked at the South Carolina debate. Hillary gave the best answer. And that was key to her winning the debate.

Obama can not be blamed for trying to bring attention to New Orleans, but he will have to find other ways to do that.

If there is another 9/11 style attack.

If there is another 9/11 style attack, it will probably be Al Qaeda's work. We can say that with near certainty. So the question is, is the Al Qaeda weaker or stronger since 9/11? That is W's report card. The Al Qaeda is stronger today than it was ever before.

How did that happen?

The Al Qaeda has never been a standing army. This is how W thought. Wait a minute. We got a standing army that fights standing armies. Who has a standing army? Saddam? Well then let's go for Saddam. It is like the patient needs heart surgery. But the equipment you have is for leg amputation. So you go ahead and amputate the patient's leg. That is what W did.

And that is why Iraq is a dumb war. Iraq has been W's trillion dollar mistake.

I never liked Saddam. I am so glad he is gone. I want all dictators similarly booted out. But the price tag for kicking out a dictator is too high. One trillion dollars per dictator, and soon all the democracies of the world will have gone bankrupt.

A trillion dollars and Osama is still alive and kicking. Make that plotting.

So the correct answer is a question. Why is the Al Qaeda stronger than ever before? Why is Osama still alive? Because we already know who will be behind the next 9/11 style attack should there be one.

The Al Qaeda is stronger than ever, and Osama is still alive because W did not finish the job in Afghanistan.

And Hillary was party to that diversion. She helped W shift the attention from Afghanistan to Iraq.

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