Hillary's Middle Class

The Clintons must have made too much money since they left the White House. Their definition of middle class has changed. Those making more than $97,000 a year are the top 6%. But for Hillary that is now middle class.

Barack's point is that you can have the fiscal responsibility that Hillary talks about and still you are going to have to do more because over 70 million baby boomers are getting ready to retire. He says the cap has to be lifted. People making more than $200,000 are going to have to start paying also on that income.

Fiscal responsibility is breakfast, raising the cap is lunch. It is not a choice between one and the other. Both agree on the breakfast part but Hillary refuses to accept the reality of lunch. She is in denial.

This is another attempt on Hillary's part to sound like a Bush Republican. Oh, don't raise that tax now.

Did Hillary vote for the trillion dollar Bush tax cuts? Back in 2001? Somebody go check the records. Considering Hillary thinks going back to Bill Clinton policies on everything is the way to go on every issue, she should realize all Barack is doing is undoing Bush' harmful trillion dollar tax cut for the top 1%. Maybe she will fall for that if explained that way.

In 1992 Bill Clinton falsely accused Paul Tsongas of wanting to raise taxes on the middle class. He knew he was lying. But before the news cycle was over, he had managed to "shake Tsongas off his trousers." Tsongas never got the opportunity to correct.

Hillary is mistaken. This is not 1992, Bill Clinton and Paul Tsongas. This is 1960, JFK, and Lyndon Johnson. At worst, this is 1980, George H W Bush, and Ronald Reagan. But likely 1960.

In The News

Open Caucus: The Voters on the Debate New York Times Right about now I’m starting to reconsider who I thought would be a good candidate ....... I wish I could say I had confidence in Obama or anyone else’s plan to “secure the border.” The fact is we have too much border. ...... There has to be an economic and political solution (on both sides of the border) to stem the tide. ....... yet another presidential debate appears on my basic cable service. What is this, like the 30th one so far? Aren’t we still a YEAR away from the elections? ..... still comes across with all sincerity of a used car salesman, or woman in her case ....... Thoreau was correct when he penned that politicians will favor the expedient over the righteous ....... Brazil is energy independent. Why aren’t we? .......... Edwards lost ground, likely among women. ........ recent six-party success led by the United States and China in denuclearizing the Korean peninsula. ......... while agreeing with Obama’s stance on most issues, am often left wondering how he will accomplish what he stands for. He rarely offers practical ideas about the “how.” This reinforces my idea that he is inexperienced ........ Clinton is more experienced, very well-versed and practical about her ideas. ....... While I am leaning toward Hillary, I am wary of her ability to garner cross-over votes from more conservative voters and those who will not lay down old baggage from her husband’s term in office. ........ We have a very interdependent system of workers, unions, businesses, pensioners, health care and we cannot charge big and small business with taking care of all of our woes. ............ made me want to research some of the questions for myself, so that I can make up my mind about issues such as tax caps, the “how” of “universal” health care, and energy, just to name a few. I have not heard a health care plan from any of the Democratic candidates with which I can agree.
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New York Times “The only difference between Senator Clinton’s health care plan and mine is that she thinks the problem for people without health care is that nobody has mandated — forced — them to get health care,” Mr. Obama said. “That’s not what I’m seeing around Nevada. What I see are people who would love to have health care. They desperately want it. But the problem is they can’t afford it.” ......... When the purchase of insurance is voluntary, people who expect to be sick are more likely to buy it, and insurers often try to deny coverage to those whom they expect to have high medical costs. Mrs. Clinton and other supporters of an individual mandate say it would reduce this problem. As a corollary, Mrs. Clinton would require insurers to offer coverage to anyone who applied. ..... The Clinton plan would cost an estimated $110 billion a year, the Edwards plan $90 billion to $120 billion a year, and the Obama plan $50 billion to $65 billion a year.
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Love in the Time of Cholera (2007) New York Times a man’s lifelong passion for a beautiful woman who marries another man ....... Although he has bedded more than 600 women, Florentino saves his essential self for Fermina. One of the novel’s most seductive notions is the idea of virginity of the soul, of the essential self reserved for one’s true love. ........ (several scenes of Florentino’s frenetic sex life) ...... magical realism, in which the past pervades the present and the dead haunt the living ...... the movie shrinks from the overwhelming physicality of Mr. García Márquez’s imagination. In its scenes of disease it politely wrinkles its nose before hurrying on.