Charlie Rangel, Mr. 45%, Hillary Kitchen Rodham Clinton

Charlie Rangel, Mr. 45%

I just read yesterday somewhere, perhaps in The Economist, that Charlie Rangel is trying to engineer a major tax hike. The rates for those in the top income brackets would go up to 45%. W had it at 33%. Bill Clinton had it at 36%.

45% would be disaster. 45% would turn America into Europe. This man single handedly could cost Dems the White House next year regardless of who the nominee is. The tax and spend liberal days will be back. Republicans would gain steam.

If you don't like 36%, go for 37%. But 45%? That is hop step jump all in one.

Charlie Rangel is a good guy, a decent man, I like him, but this 45% talk makes me want to rescue Harlem from Charlie Rangel.

The Republicans are in such a bad shape right now because they flushed fiscal responsibility down the toilet. That is one big reason. Dems have to learn not to repeat their mistake. Or they will be back, the Repubs.

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Hillary Kitchen Rodham Clinton
“If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen,” Mrs. Clinton said at an event in Indianola, Iowa. “Well, I’m really comfortable in the kitchen, and I’m going to stay in there and absorb the heat.”
Hillary used the kitchen metaphor to reach out to women in a back-handed way. This sends out precisely the wrong message. Should someone aspiring to become the first woman leader of the free world suggest that the woman's place is in the kitchen? Should not the message instead be that both men and women belong in the kitchen, as they do in the raising of children? Hillary was better in 1992 when she said, Oh I guess I could have stayed home and baked cookies. I like that better. Back then she meant it as sarcasm. Now she actually means it. With her kitchen comment, she is sending out the message that women should stay home and bake cookies. She also used the broom and stick metaphor in Iowa months back. What do you think she was trying to do?

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Anti War Park Slope

Last night I walked over to this Park Slope event that was anti war. It was inside this church. Congresspeople Jerry Nadler, Yvette Clarke, and Anthony Weiner were on stage. Former Congressman Major Owens was sitting in the aisle right behind me. He also spoke for a few minutes. He was easily the most popular person in the room.

I asked a question at the end. "I believe the best anti-war strategy is to send the right person to the White House. Who do you think that is?" Clarke had already left. Weiner said Clinton, as did Nadler. The audience did not seem to like the answer.

There were sandwiches you could have after the event. Free food is a good idea.

On the walk back, I stopped by the Barnes & Noble on 7th Avenue. That is where I read Rangel's 45% thing in The Economist.

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In The News

Different Rules When a Rival Is a Woman? New York Times, United States was repeatedly challenged by her rivals and the event’s questioners. ...... “John Edwards, specifically, as well as the press, would never attack Barack Obama for two hours they way they attacked her,” said Geraldine A. Ferraro, the 1984 vice presidential candidate who supports Mrs. Clinton. “It’s O.K. in this country to be sexist,” Ms. Ferraro said. ....... some prominent women, countered that Mrs. Clinton was resorting to using her sex as a shield against substantive criticism in a hard-fought race. .......... she did not do well in the debate, that she did not answer important questions on Iraq and Iran ...... both race and sex have been added to the mix of substance and imagery that makes up presidential politics. ...... when her Republican opponent marched across the stage during a debate and demanded she sign a pledge renouncing her use of soft money in the campaign...... produced a flood of support among women. ....... young girls at her rallies are regularly seen wearing “I can be president” buttons provided by the campaign. ........ a central part of Mrs. Clinton’s campaign strategy ..... what even Mrs. Clinton’s supporters acknowledged was a poor performance. ....... she used language that invoked feminist imagery. ...... encourage a simple story line for the debate: Seven men versus one woman.
Frank Rich: Noun + Verb + 9/11 + Iran = Democrats’ Defeat? Between now and Election Day he and Dick Cheney, cheered on by the mob of neocon dead-enders, are going to bomb Iran. ...... a clear stand on the defining issue of the race. .... Hillary Clinton, does not have one. ..... the administration is so flagrantly rerunning the sales campaign that gave us Iraq. The same old scare tactic ...... They know that a clean, surgical military strike at Iran could precipitate even more blowback than our “cakewalk” in Iraq. ..... “Iran could fire hundreds of missiles at Israel, attack American forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, organize terrorist attacks in the West or choke off tanker traffic through the Strait of Hormuz, the world’s oil windpipe.” ....... a strike on Iran could ignite Pakistan, Al Qaeda’s thriving base and the actual central front of the war on terror. ...... A full-scale regional war, chaos in the oil market, an overstretched American military pushed past the brink ..... While the saber- rattling is reckless as foreign policy, it’s a proven winner as election-year Republican campaign strategy. The real point may be less to intimidate Iranians than to frighten Americans. ..... the pivot toward Iran has been relentless. ..... the Rudy Giuliani campaign that is ubiquitous on that Murdoch channel. ..... a majority of Americans (52 percent) now supports a pre-emptive strike on Iran to prevent it from acquiring nuclear weapons. ..... with the exception of Mrs. Clinton, the Democratic candidates seem to be saying what they really believe rather than trying to play both sides against the middle. ...... Kyl-Lieberman Senate resolution, designed by its hawk authors to validate Mr. Bush’s Iran policy ...... as Nancy Pelosi has said, there has “never been a declaration by a Congress before in our history” that “declared a piece of a country’s army to be a terrorist organization.” ...... Her response was to blur her stand. She abruptly signed on as the sole co- sponsor of a six-month-old (and languishing) bill ...... a profile in vacillation ...... a Democrat who is not in favor of rushing to war in Iran but, now as in 2002, may well be in favor of walking to war .... an alternative policy that defuses rather than escalates tensions with Tehran. ...... a Democratic opponent who was for a pre-emptive war before being against it.
In Portland, Cultivating a Culture of Two Wheels “Bike City, U.S.A.” ..... Like the local indie rock bands that insist they are apathetic about fame, many of the smaller local companies say craft, not money, is what drives them. ...... has the nation’s highest percentage of workers who commute by bike, about 3.5 percent ..... two cyclists were killed in October when they were hit by trucks ....... $24 million to add 110 miles to the city’s existing 20-mile network of bike boulevards ..... a new bike might cost the buyer well over $5,000.

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