Chelsea For Obama, Caroline For Obama

The first time I heard of a group called Chelsea For Obama, I am like, what's going on here? This is trouble. I mean, if Hillary can't even get her daughter excited about her run for the White House, what chance does she stand with the American people?

Ends up there is a neighborhood in Manhattan called Chelsea. What do I know? I hardly know names of many townships in my own borough. I guess that is still bad news for Hillary.

But now there is news Rudy Giuliani has a daughter called Caroline, and she is for Obama. Ouch.
"You better like ravioli!"

But don't just blame me. Hillary herself fell for the same when she was in Arkansas. She was First Lady. Chelsea had been born. Her political consultant Dick Morris had flown in from New York with a newspaper in hand. The newspaper was called Chelsea Clinton. Two neighborhoods Chelsea and Clinton in Manhattan had published a joint edition.

"Did they publish that in our daughter's honor?" Hillary asked.

Well t-h-a-t Chelsea happens to be for Obama.

By the way, the genius behind Chelsea For Obama is Molly Lombardi.

In The News

Is Giuliani’s Daughter an Obama Supporter? New York Times the way young adults socialize via the Internet ... her online profile suggested she supported Senator Barack Obama’s presidential bid. ...... On her profile in Facebook, the popular online social networking site, Ms. Giuliani, 17, listed her political views as “liberal” and noted her membership in a group called “Barack Obama (One Million Strong for Barack).” ........ She quit the Obama fan club at 6:01 a.m., and, after Slate posted its article, she took down her entire page. ........ “That’s very nice,” Mr. Obama said. “We think it’s wonderful that we are attracting support from young people all across the country. I can’t wait to meet her.” ..... Obama’s MySpace page shows more than 160,000 friends.
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Yearly Kos: Clinton vs. Obama Yahoo! News while Hillary does not leave the room filled with warmth, she does leave a favorable impression as someone who is smart, disciplined, has a three-point plan for everything and generally knows what the heck she is talking about. ...... Whereas Hillary responds by ticking off details with the authority of a schoolmarm, Obama comes across as thoughtful - often conspicuously so, pausing even in the middle of an answer to gather his thoughts or offer some aside ..... He is much more well equipped, both as a matter of style and substance, to speak in longer form before live crowds. .... Clinton inspires confidence, while Obama just flat out inspires - and there is a discernable difference between the two.
Edwards Jabs At Former President Clinton Guardian Unlimited Edwards' complaints about the former president beloved by voters in his own party was a defiant move meant to highlight rival Hillary Rodham Clinton's relationship with special interests. ...... said the trade agreement between the United States, Mexico and Canada was ``written by insiders in all three countries.''
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Reuters is doing fine in early-voting states such as Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. ..... Clinton, Obama and former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards in a virtual tie in Iowa. ..... New Hampshire put Clinton and Obama at 31 percent apiece, and a poll by the same group in South Carolina gave Obama a 4 percent lead over Clinton in that state.
Obama attempts to draw contrast on lobbyists Boston Globe Two weeks into his spirited engagement with Hillary Clinton over foreign policy, Barack Obama today seized on a new perceived opening to sharpen their differences over lobbyists. ...... "While you're working in the fields, lobbyists are working in Congress to block the rural reforms America needs."

Damon's cash cow Bourne also a critical hit The Age "The Bourne movies just changed my career completely," Damon said today in Sydney. "They've made it possible to do all the movies that I basically want to do." ..... a bullet ridden CIA-trained killer who despite his almost superhero level skills - both intellectual and physical - has no idea who he is.
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AlterNet Barack Obama got out of the car a block early so everyone would see him walk to the picket line. ..... a gray BlackBerry holstered between black pants and white dress shirt ..... The crowd cheered, and after a Spanish translation, cheered again. .... With more primary money in the bank than fund-raising juggernaut Hillary Clinton, Mr. Obama has now set about the more fundamental business of cementing the loyalty of the Democratic Party base. ....... in the first two or three months you are so busy building infrastructure ...... critical issues -- unionization, gun control, civil rights, progressive taxation and abortion rights - ...... is tackling them aggressively. ...... "The way our tax code is now structured has exacerbated inequality in the society." ...... On a Sunday morning, Mr. Obama's motorcade arrived at the Vernon Park Church of God in the beleaguered Far South Side of Chicago. In the blocks around the church, bored-looking boys walked around with jeans cinched around their thighs under long white T-shirts. A woman in a wheelchair propelled herself against a red traffic light using her one good foot like a skateboarder. Abandoned lots surrounded empty restaurants with names like "Steaks and Lemonade." Here, gun violence had touched many residents personally, including the church's own pastor, whose mother and brother were murdered. Mr. Obama had come to express outrage, as he uniquely can in this election, about the pall of gang violence that hangs over many black communities. ....... Obama has at times disappointed on the stump with seemingly deliberate displays of oratorical restraint ....... But in black churches, like in Selma back in March and here in Chicago, he has tended to display the full sweep his rhetorical skill. ........ advocated the permanent reinstatement of a ban on assault weapons and more stringent regulations on gun dealers. ........ "And there is only one reason that hasn't been done and that is the power of the gun lobby in Washington," said Mr. Obama. ........ If you want to go hunt, go hunt. Nobody is trying to take your rifle or your shotgun away. ........ could well help him with the powerful hotel workers union in Nevada
Obama stands by comments that angered Pakistan Arizona Republic He also sought to clarify his assertion that the use of nuclear weapons in such an attack would be "off the table." Obama says "every military expert" knows it would be better to use conventional weapons in that situation.


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