Padmasree Warrior: Indian Female Chinese Asian Elon Musk?

Padmasree Warrior: Indian Female Chinese Asian Elon Musk?

Padmasree Warrior New U.S. CEO of Chinese Firm Challenging Tesla
Indian American Padmasree Warrior, one of Silicon Valley's high-profile women executives, has been appointed as the U.S.-based chief executive officer of a Chinese firm which is building an electric car to compete with American electric car manufacturer Tesla....... Warrior, 55, will be the chief development officer and CEO of the U.S. start-up NextEV.......A technology industry veteran, Warrior was most recently Cisco's chief technology and strategy officer, and had stepped down from the position in June this year....... Warrior's track record as a technology visionary is “undisputed,” and her knowledge of the global markets and business acumen are “surpassed only by her ability to lead distributed teams of engineers and developers toward a common goal,” NextEV's founder and chairman William Li said in a statement...... Warrior has previously been named by Forbes among the world's 100 most powerful women. She is an alumnus of the IIT Delhi and Cornell University ...... In addition to her appointment to the NextEV board, Warrior currently serves on the boards of American clothing giant Gap and Microsoft.

I was blindsided by this when it showed up as a news story on TechCrunch. As in, I did not see it coming. I used to follow Warrior in the news a few years ago. Here was an Indian Female running the tech show at none other than Cisco. Many people think Cisco birthed the Internet. No routers no internet. But unlike Satya Nadella or Sundar Pichai, she did not rise to the very top. She had a claim before the other two did. Enter China.

And now, it looks like, just like there is no Facebook or Google or Twitter or Amazon in China, there will be no Tesla. In China they don’t let the “private sector” into space, so I don’t believe they are trying to create a rocket company. They feel like they already have one. It is amazing, the speed at which they have created a Chinese Tesla. Photocopied. Xeroxed. Innovated. Birthed. Masterminded. Downloaded from the Internet. Hustled by cyber spies. However they did it, the deed is done.

I feel for the people in Beijing. I like it that China has lifted more people out of poverty than any power in history, but I wish the air in Beijing were clear. It is a great city. It deserves clean air. Enter the Chinese Tesla. You can’t ask Indians and Chinese to not buy cars. But you can get them to buy electric cars. Perhaps solar powered electric cars. Who needs a sun roof?

China has 5,000 years of recorded, continuous history. There’s a slight blip from British/Japanese colonialism. I mean, you should read the letter the Chinese emperor sent to the British monarch. To him it felt like the President of the United States was talking to the President of Venezuela.

If the Homo Sapiens started in Africa and went to China by way of India, it can’t be that the Indus civilization is more recent than the Chinese one. But the Chinese try to downplay the Indian myths. You talk about the Mahabharata? A Chinese traveler does mention seeing stacks of bones in an open field. But that was only 500 years ago. Not 100,000 years ago like you claim.

Because the Chinese have lifted more people out of poverty than any power in history, I do try to look at them with an open mind. Maybe they are an alternate political system. To them becoming president is like becoming an astronaut. Maybe. As in, NASA. The Chinese Communist Party is like NASA. Running a country is like an astronaut going to the moon, perhaps tougher, and a much bigger responsibility. With NASA, you have to be a top grade engineer before you can get in. But any Chinese may join the Chinese Communist Party. Just like any American can try and become a top class engineer. But once you get in, there is a way to become NASA Director. Xi Jinping rose through the ranks. It is a pretty meritocratic process. You have to pay your dues, do the work, get committee approval, rise up the ranks, things like that. Although, in his particular case, I hear it helped that he was a prince, whatever that is supposed to mean in a decidedly non-feudal, formally atheistic country. In China the party stands above the state apparatus. As in, the Chinese court system is not above the Chinese Communist Party. I guess they fear that is how you make sure class prejudices don’t seep in. The CCP is like NASA, but it is also like the NAACP. As in, the Chinese feel wronged. Just like black folks do. How many NAACPs are there? Until they get their lost glory, until that is regained, they already know what do do, what is there to debate? That is how they feel. The good news is they are almost there. When I say almost, it is a Chinese perspective. 20 years is forever in America but almost in China. Time, like Einstein said, is relative.

At some point I see the Chinese political system relaxing a bit. Maybe the system needs some meditation. I am a big proponent of letting the Dalai Lama go on an all China tour. Let him go wherever he wants to go.

In China the party stands above the state apparatus. As in, the Chinese court system is not above the Chinese Communist Party. But then a lot of people don’t realize how weak the two parties in America are. The state is not weak, but the two parties are almost casual. In America the state stands above the parties, and the private sector stands above everything else. You don’t believe? The American tax code has been written for the express service of entrepreneurs. Warren Buffett pays less in taxes than his secretary. When people like Ralph Nader say the two parties are indistinguishable to the corporations, they have a point. Look at Donald Trump. He came out of nowhere to take over the Republican Party because he is a billionaire. There is no Central Committee he had to go through. He has just had to show up on TV.

How would China relax? Relaxing the India China border would be a good move. Personally I don’t see what the issue is there. It’s just rocks. China is not about to stop being a one party state. But what it could do is offer two party candidates for each major office, like president, governor, mayor, and let the people vote for and pick one. The two would get equal amounts of money to run a campaign. That could be step one. You do that enough and China could willfully become a two party state like America. A China where there are no more poor people and the per capita income is perhaps 25,000 dollars might end up a two party system not because the Chinese Communist Party got overthrown, but because it evolved. There was no upheaval. There were no street demonstrations. There was party decision. Or maybe it will stay a one party state that offers two candidates to the people for all three major positions. It could work. Like it works in America that it is just one state.

My agenda is I want a billion Buddhists in China. I want there to be more Buddhists than CCP members. I am a Madhesi Imperialist. Buddha was born a Madhesi.