Donald Trump Has A Massive Debt Problem

English: Celebrity Apprentice star Dennis Rodm...
English: Celebrity Apprentice star Dennis Rodman and Donald Trump (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Nobody knows he doesn't. Maybe even he is refusing to open up the Excel files with all the numbers. But I am guessing. If you have managed to offend everyone, up to and including the British, especially the British, I mean the British want to ban this guy from their island, chances are, yes, you are a racist, and a sexist, but chances are, that means you have a massive debt problem. It's not just China. It's also Donald Trump.

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Trump claims his net worth is 11 billion dollars. Magazines claim it is more like four billion. Maybe he is confusing the numbers. His net worth is four billion, and his debt is 11 billion. He has been learning the casino business. There are various forms of capitalism. One is casino capitalism.