Trump Inc. Is East China Company

English: TRIPOLI. With leader of the Libyan Re...
English: TRIPOLI. With leader of the Libyan Revolution Muammar Gaddafi. Русский: ТРИПОЛИ. С лидером ливийской революции Муамаром Каддафи. Deutsch: Wladimir Putin mit Muammar al-Gaddafi in Tripolis. Suomi: Vladimir Putin Muammar al-Gaddafin kanssa Tripolissa. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The Chinese have bought over 100 million dollars in real estate from Trump Inc. over the years. That is enough money to fund a presidential campaign. And it is all legal too. They are safely registered as business transactions.

100 million dollars is pocket change to the Chinese. They'd not blink to spill a billion dollars if the idea is to take over the White House. They routinely deal in trillions.

The Chinese are building a road to Berlin. But they are not going to stop at Europe. They are going to come all the way to America. 

Guess who is German

When the British wanted to take over China, they destroyed a robust country by pushing opium. The Chinese are banking on gambling to steal America's soul. Why do Trump's casinos not go out of business after repeated bankruptcies? Who is bankrolling them? Where is the money coming from? 

The Chinese were neutral on Gaddafi. Guess who hosted Gaddafi when Gaddafi was in town. 

The Chinese already own Wall Street. But they don't own the White House, not yet. 

Trump 2016?