2016 And Gender

The real gender issue this election cycle is that the fourth industrial revolution is going to balance it out for women in the workforce.
  • Universal pre-K education everywhere in the country. 
  • Universal child care, many at the workplace itself or very near it. Self driving cars will mean less space needed for parking. 
  • Paid maternity and family leave. 
  • Universal public transportation everywhere in the country. It should no longer be a NYC or big city thing. 
This will also mean more women entrepreneurs will take the plunge. Capitalism moves fast when new companies get formed fast and furious. 

And there is a global dimension that is by now so in your face, thanks to social media. Gender empowerment is not a national issue. 
If anything technology makes gender more of an issue. You can ignore it less and less. Sexist jokes and sexist comments should be offensive.