Fear Of Gun Violence Is Black Slavery Today

Mars is the new Moon. Now we want to go to Mars. Shift happens. Similarly, I think it is fair to say gun violence is the black slavery today. The black neighborhoods of this country have been infested with both drugs and violence. I don't know how much of this is random and how much of this is planned, but the impact is devastating. If there were a racist conspiracy to keep black people down, you would push drugs and guns into The Hood. It works like magic. The black community stands knee-capped. It's a tragedy, because it is such a waste. Black potential is human potential. We would all be better off if black folks had a shot in life.

Mars is the new Moon. And gun violence is the black slavery today. You can not take America into the 21st century without a constitutional amendment that settles the gun debate once and for all. I thought that might happen before gay marriage went national. I am glad gay marriage has gone national, but gun violence also needs to stop. I am glad poor white folks now have health care, but black folks deserve a life without a permanent threat of guns.

I can't think of a better way for the first black president to end his eight years than by steering a constitutional amendment on this topic. This country owes this president this little thing. He has done right by everybody. He saved you from a Great Depression. He gave you health care. The least you can give him back is some gun sanity. You owe him one. It is payback time.