Silicon Boomerang? Silicon Crescent?

How Startup India will transform the country
The US and Israel have successfully played the role of catalyst to do this and the Rs 10,000 crore fund-offunds will do the same. It would not invest in ventures itself but contribute to, say, a fifth of the corpus of India-focused and professionally-managed venture funds. They will have to raise five times that amount from non-government sources, making Rs 50,000 crore available for startups and early-stage companies. As these companies grow, they will typically raise at least 10 times that amount from later-stage global investors before going public. Hence the government’s Rs 10,000 crore may result in attracting almost

Rs 500,000 crore

for innovative Indian companies, helping create possibly the next Google or Facebook. ..... Our information technology industry, driven predominantly by startups and first generation entrepreneurs was backed by the STPI scheme and tax-breaks that helped reinvest earnings for growth. The industry has grown from $50 million to $150 billion in 25 years, becoming the largest employer in the organised private sector and accounting for over a fifth of our forex earning!!

Silicon Boomerang: Delhi, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Bangalore
Connected by Hyperloop 900 KM + 500 KM + 900 KM = 1400 miles. That is two hours on a hyperloop. That would make for just one big city. From Delhi to Bangalore. Call it the Silicon Boomerang, or the Silicon Crescent. ...... Crescent bol do Pakistan se dosti bhi ho jayegi.

Solar State: Rajasthan (10,000 GW of electricity, phase 1)

Waise main Bihari hoon. To bias to rahega hi. Jaise ki 2014 mein main Nitish ke liye rooting kar raha tha. Soncha, chalo koi Bihari bhai aa jayega to acchha hi rahega. To Modi ne Nitish ko Jharkhand Mukti Morcha bana ke rakh diya. Khair bit gayi so baat gayi.

Ek aur Crescent hai. Boomerang. Janakpur - Patna - Kolkata - Dhaka - Kunming. Industrial potential vast hai uska.

Janakpur Patna Kolkata Industrial Corridor
Patna Kolkata Industrial Corridor (PKIC)

The idea behind something like a Silicon Crescent is, this is where nanotechnology happens. The industries of tomorrow seem to want a geography.