Chelsea Clinton

for college, she opted to go to Stanford, at the far edge of the continent, and immerse herself in the subculture of tech rather than politics. After grad school at Oxford, she tried on a variety of non-political jobs—consulting, finance—before doing a second stint in grad school. She even flirted with a career in journalism (which must have given her media-hating mother such a migraine). But after that flurry of activity, where did she land? Neck-deep in the family business, running her father’s foundation and immersing herself in her mother’s presidential dreams. .......... Such choices have not been made without ambivalence. “It is frustrating, because who wants to grow up and follow their parents?” Chelsea told Fast Company in 2014. “I’ve tried really hard to care about things that were very different from my parents.”..........But the Clinton gravitational pull is strong. And, her many talents notwithstanding, there is arguably no job for which Chelsea is more qualified—or, for now, more needed—than professional daughter...................But woe be unto her mom’s campaign if she behaves like your typical political veteran and picks any more fights.

This barb actually strikes me as sound political instincts. I have not been following the campaign too closely, but I read up some yesterday, and I also feel, if Bernie is vulnerable, it actually is on health care. The best thing Dems can do for now is protect Obamacare, not redo it. That is what is politically most viable. And if this was an unscripted moment for Chelsea, respect. If America could go the Canada route, Obama would have gone for it. It is out of deep appreciation for the peculiarities of American political culture that Obamacare was shaped.