Iowa, New Hampshire, 1992, 2016

Poll: Sanders edges Clinton in Iowa, leads big in New Hampshire
Here’s Bernie Sanders’s best closing argument against Hillary Clinton in Iowa

I do not believe that you can get huge speaking fees from Goldman Sachs and then with a straight face tell the American people that you’re prepared to do what is necessary to take on the greed and illegal behavior on Wall Street. I don’t think people think that passes the laugh test. . . . Why do special powerful interests give you money? Are they dumb? I don’t think so............. The leader of Goldman Sachs is a billionaire who comes to Congress and tells us we should cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Secretary Clinton — and you're not the only one, so I don't mean to just point the finger at you, you've received over $600,000 in speaking fees from Goldman Sachs in one year. I find it very strange that a major financial institution that pays $5 billion in fines for breaking the law, not one of their executives is prosecuted, while kids who smoke marijuana get a jail sentence.

I noticed in 2008 Hillary lost her voice on her way to New Hampshire, like Bill Clinton lost his voice on his way to New Hampshire in 1992. It was a love statement, although I don't know how you pull that one off.

Bill Clinton lost both Iowa and New Hampshire in 1992. He did not even contest Iowa. He was lagging behind badly, so he put out the spin that he was leaving the state to its native son. He spun his New Hampshire loss hard. He lost, but was a "comeback kid."

If losing both Iowa and New Hampshire is supposed to be a love statement, I am not sure the timing is right. This is 2016. Sanders already does not have a money disadvantage. Two early victories will bring him a lot of money. At this point that might or might not mean he will win all the way, but it sure makes for a long, close fight. Plus, in 1992 the two early states were won by two different people. It was a crowded field because Cuomo - the Senior - was not running.

I have not been following too closely. I couldn't tell you much about Sanders' larger platform. I have not read too much on what kind of organization, if any, he is building in other states. But instead of one each in the first two that I was expecting, and many others were, for now it looks like Sanders might carry both, and go on to raise some serious money after that. South Carolina is 60-40 now. That would change with two Sanders victories, I'd think.

Sanders has a whole bunch of hipsters rooting for him.

Meanwhile bad boy Trump just made an unforgivable racist comment about Obama. That guy is down in the gutter. A day before he made an offensive comment about some turban wearing Sikh in his audience. The dude has no platform except for blatant racist and sexist comments. The guy is running on empty.