Saudi Arabia: SuperPower?

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English: Saudi Arabia 2010 estimated population density. Data source: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
What is this talk of a 10 trillion dollar company? Whatever it is, this godzilla of a company, I want this company to invest in my company, like Yahoo invested in Alibaba. If this goes through, and there indeed is a 10 trillion dollar company ..... and there are people who lose sleep trying to figure out if Apple or Google will be the world's first trillion dollar company ....... Saudia Arabia is suddenly right there with America and China. This super duper mega corporation. This can't be called a corporation, or even a mega corporation. We need a new name. What could it be? A billion dollar company is a unicorn. A 100 billion dollar company is a godzilla. (Sorry, that name is already taken). What is a trillion dollar company? What is a 10 trillion dollar company? Yet to be named.

I think Donald Trump is responsible. ISIS is putting out recruitment videos featuring Donald Trump. The Saudis have done two things in a row. They have picked a fight with Iran that has all the inkling of a fight between unequals. And now this. The message is, Donald, come be janitor, we hire billionaire janitors.

Saudi Arabia is ruling the era of oil. They could also do really well in the era of solar. They do get a lot of sun. And 3D printing could simply scoop up the sand. You could manufacture all kinds of things with the sun and the sand. And you got trillions to invest.