Trump 2016: Hurting People's Feelings

Feelings (David Byrne album)
Feelings (David Byrne album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
So far I have not seen any kind of political program from Trump, even programs I might dislike, possibly even abhor. He is not planning to cut taxes. He is not planning to invade a country. So far all the talk has been about enticing certain feelings. Vague feelings like xenophobia. He just wants the power. He is not seeking to govern. That is the impression I get. More like, he is offended he, or someone like he, is not in power. And this guy was not even a Republican, until last year. If Britain holds a debate in parliament about banning a white guy from entering the country, you know this is a new century. We are looking at a new reality here. The kind of psychological warfare he is engaging in is the kind that trolls engage in online. And they win because they have the numbers. When the Internet came about, Julia Robert discovered people hated her. Muslims are the new Julia Roberts, if Trump will have his way. If Trump is a troll, he is just one person. If more people find out he exists, I expect him to get mauled on places like Twitter. It will be one troll versus millions of trolls. It will be an unfair race.