Tens Of Trillions In Parked Money In The Face Of Unmet Need

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Here I present, in one big graphic, a big reason why Barack Obama should become George Washington to the world. The UN is no world government, people, and the world needs one, with climate change and terrorism and everything else that's going on.

I am no Economist, or at least not a trained one, but I think you just have to be literate to realize something is going on here. Trillions, tens of trillions, are getting parked outside countries, while trillions in infrastructure, and trillions in solar energy could save and enrichen the planet. Every dollar a day person could have his/her own mom and pop store and spring out of poverty like a swoosh. So why are we not doing it? Because there is no world government.

The global economy right now lacks the institutions that will plough these trillions to good use globally. If there is no scarcity of capital, what is the scarcity? The scarcity is that we have not bothered to build a world government.