Barack Obama: George Washington

Barack Obama should dedicate the final year of his presidency to creating a world government. It is not about him. It is about the world.

Barack Obama was born to parents from two continents. The other continent needs him now.

Africa birthed Barack Obama. Obama should now birth a world government so Africa can properly fight poverty, illiteracy and disease, and lack of internet access (and bad coverage areas).

I thought for the longest time, a proper world government will have to wait for that time when there is a total spread of democracy. I was wrong. A world government will hasten the spread of democracy.

A lower chamber where each country's voting weight is in proportion to its population, and an upper chamber where each member country's voting weight is in proportion to the size of its GDP, with each member country paying one per cent of its GDP as its membership fee to the world government, and finally we will have a fighting chance against poverty, and disease, and global warming, and (lest we forget) terrorism.

He was not awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for nothing. It was advance payment. Slavery might be over, but poverty is not. Not yet. Poverty is today's slavery.

Barack Obama Is Biologically Superior