Trumpocalypse Now

We are at the cusp of the most exciting time in world history. Poverty might be history by 2030 on the planet. But Donald Trump talks in terms of Apocalypse Now. We must not be on the same planet. Is the guy in real estate by any chance? Because maybe it does not take much imagination to be in real estate.

The recession might be over, but a lot of people feel like they have hit a lower plateau that is the new normal, and a lot of them are white males. Feeling their pain is one thing. But making blatant racist, sexist comments is quite another. As in, can't do, no matter what the circumstances.

A real leader would offer solutions. I understand you are in a not so happy spot. But I can take you to better days. What Trump is doing is not only not leadership. It is not therapy either. It's more like, misery loves company.