When Your House Is On Fire

"When Your House Is On Fire, Don't Call An Arsonist. Donald Trump Is An Arsonist."
--- Elizabeth Warren

One black guy trained as an armyman under the cover of Texas' "liberal" gun laws in a despicable act snipers away five cops and public opinion in this country swings towards Donald Trump. What kind of country is this?

People who have voted for a party whose only policy has been total obstruction are now claiming the government has not been delivering and are threatening to vote for the same party and a mad man candidate. Donald Trump is the American Boris Johnson, down to the hair.

2009 asked for a $3 trillion stimulus. But the crowd that voted for a party that fought all economists and instead paved the way for a much much larger monetary stimulus with all the money going straight to the banks is now complaining the recovery did not happen hard and fast enough.

The crowd that voted for a trillion dollar tax cut in 2000, and a trillion dollar destruction of Iraq, and a subsequent trillion dollar reconstruction of the same Iraq, and taking the cops off their beats on Wall Street acted surprised about 2008.

Madness is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. That was not Warren, that was Einstein.

The fastest way for America to lose its number one status would be to put Donald Trump in the White House. No matter the Chinese bought hundreds of millions of dollars worth of real estate from Trump Inc. over the years.

The crowd that is worried America might be slipping wants to vote for Donald Trump. Go figure!

The uneducated white folks who also tilt racist claim we are like the white La Raza. Excuse me, but La Raza does not claim we hate white people. You can also take pride in Polish heritage. I hear Poland has good culture.