Donald Trump Would Have Been A Janitor

Donald Trump Defending The Defenseless

There are tens of millions of black men on the planet (and women) who have, objectively speaking, higher IQs than the Donald, but who are janitors. The only reason Donald Trump is not a janitor is because he is a white male. One is allowed to be lucky. One is allowed to be in the right place at the right time.

But this is not a guy appreciating his luck. This is a guy rubbing it in. If his hate speech were only free speech, I'd be glad for it. It would be puss coming out. But his hate speech is not just free speech. His hate speech is a diehard defense of structural racism. This is not a guy who got lucky. This is a guy who has benefitted from structural racism every step of the way and has hated the mere symbolism of a black guy in the White House. Where do black people go after that? To the polling booth, again and again.

At first I thought his star of David tweet was merely anti semitism. Now he is out to prove it was also gross political incompetence that would not even fly at the City Council level.

I have never seen a more racist, sexist, xenophobic person in any presidential race, ever.

To swat a mosquito and call it Hillary! Those are concentrated sulphuric acid levels of sexism. Women of this country regardless of political party should take note. Where do you go after this? You go to the voting booth.