Donald Trump Exhibited A Black Employee

Donald exhibited a black employee in Cleveland, as if to say, look, I have a black employee, I am the least racist person.

Like some people have a "black friend" and that is how you know they are not racist or anything.

Black Lives Matter needs to perhaps look for people who don't have a black person working for them.

How big is Trump LLC? Four people? Five? Seven?

What if having one black employee is a brand of racism called tokenism?

What if having a black employee is the 2016 version of a master slave relationship? That you need to have at least one black employee to boss around and feel good about yourself?

Was the exhibit a receptionist? Or was she like one of those struggling actors hired for Trump rallies? Was she paid? Minimum wage? Living wage?

Did Trump ever bother to learn her name? What does he call her if he does not know her name? Did he remember ever having seen her before?

Is the exhibit happy at work? Or is the racism too much? How does she feel when she hears Donald Trump hate speech on TV? Does she have Hispanic friends?

Donald Trump does not seem to realize blacks and Hispanics are one people now.