My Draft For Hillary's Convention Speech

Fellow Americans. Democrats, Independents, Republicans, and everyone in between. We are gathered to decide if a woman can be president after all. We are gathered to decide if sanity matters for the top job. We are gathered to decide if diversity is only America's past or also its future.

After a lifetime of having looked at politics in this country and this world from every possible angle in ways nobody before me has, I present myself to you in sharp contrast to someone who would be lost at the City Council level in our shared city of New York. Competence matters. Policy homework matters. Having read the constitution matters. Good manners matter. Love of God matters.

Grand challenges lie ahead of us. Anyone who denies climate change is in cahoots with Satan himself. But if this country's history gives us one lesson it is that the greatest of challenges are always accompanied by the greatest of promises. The greatest days America has ever seen are right in front of us. The very determination that will help us steer away from the worst of climate change will also allow us to tap into cutting edge technologies that promise to take us into an Age Of Abundance. But it will not happen on its own. We have choices to make. We all have a big choice to make on November 4th.

I ask that you give me not only the White House, but also the Senate and the House so I may give the best first two years this country ever saw in terms of concrete political action.

Divided government was never meant to be a paralyzed government. Senators were never supposed to try to put the country's constitution into the acid tank. It should not matter if your elected officials are black, white or Hispanic, male or female. Lunatic hysteria, facts free racism and sexism, ideological masturbation completely unhinged from facts, data and clear evidence were never supposed to rule the day, in power or in opposition.

And so I ask for your nomination and your willingness to reach out to your neighbors and your vote. The most honored title in a democracy is that of a citizen and I proudly share that with you. The work we will do we will do together. Come be my comrade for eight years.