Snowden, Hillary And Emails

Hillary Has No One to Blame But Herself

A few years back this country got all riled up with the Snowden thing. I don't know all the details but Wikileaks was forced social media on the government. Departments that were not blogging and tweeting found leaks left, right and center. Politicians in distant lands got exposed and went on the defensive, some of them.

With Hillary the country has been riled up in the other direction. Again, I don’t know all the details. But now a former Secretary Of State is being hammered, Why are you not as transparent as Julian Assange wants you to be?

A country that doesn't care if Trump will make public his tax records or not. His medical record has been a non topic.

These are triple standards.

A population that could not load Windows onto the computer is riled up about the intricacies of one email server that has caused zero harm.