No Warren, No Peace

I am writing this at 3 in the morning. Talk about the 3 AM call.

For Hillary Clinton to nominate anyone other than Elizabeth Warren would be sacrilegious. I, personally, am going to tune out if Warren is not on the ticket. I am going to pick up the Uttar Pradesh election to follow without Warren on the ticket. Online America and Uttar Pradesh are equi-distant. And online is the only place I follow elections. I have never owned a television.

No justice, no peace.

Unlike on the Republican side, the Bernie crowd has been robust. It was a narrow margin loss. This was a crowd crying out for Warren. Warren, unlike Bernie, has never used the word socialism. Because she is no socialist. I am neither. The very word gives me creeps. I am a small d democrat and a f for free marketeer. When I say one person one vote, I mean literally. Too big to fail is a monopoly situation. My gripe on global warming is, why are you so generously subsidizing dirty energy?

The Blockchain is going to be bigger than the Internet, and it is right round the corner. The companies that will rule the Blockchain have not even been incorporated yet. Warren is the only politician who has called Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple potential monopolies. So far so good, but they might play foul in the early innings of the Blockchain. The Blockchain will do to money globally what the Internet has done to information. Money will not become free but it will become universally accessible. The Wall Street firms are the paper newspapers of 1990.

Warren instinctively "gets" the Blockchain, and she is not even trying to. That is the beauty of being a small d democrat. You instinctively know the market has been designed to work for all people. Market distortions hurt everybody, especially the poor. Corporate welfare eats big money.

JFK was Senator, from Massachusetts too, before he became Commander In Chief. Warren is as ready as anybody to step in, should the need arise. The US Constitution envisions a civilian Commander In Chief, a small d democrat.

But Warren is not going to have to step in. Both of them get to retire after eight years. And somebody from the Dean/Obama/Bernie/Warren crowd is going to defeat the Libertarian candidate to enact the Universal Basic Income concept. The Republican Party is about to die.

Hillary should not try to do the Al Gore thing. The Gore specialty is to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Rudy Giuliani just issued a threat in Cleveland: "There is not going to be another election." That is not an empty threat. These guys mean it. These guys have taken over a party. Now they intend to take over the country and do away with elections altogether. Hitler also won an election at first.

Warren is the only person in either party who knows how to knee cap a dictator wannabe. The Republicans evaporated one after the other, and Hillary likes to stay above the fray. Warren's style is to go sucker punch for sucker punch.

The Clintons came up with the New Democrat philosophy of the centrist way by facing the fact of repeated defeats. But you don't want to be a stopped clock that is right two times a day. Face the fact. The center of gravity has shifted. In 1992 the word liberal was dirty. Now forget liberal, not even socialist is. Face the fact. Why would you want 40 states when you can get 50? Why would you want just the White House and the Senate when you can also get the House?

I was Barack Obama’s first full time volunteer in all of New York City. I have never had second thoughts on that. Granted my personal bar was low. The only thing he needed to do for me personally was get into the White House. Plant the flag, so to speak. But the dude has been outstanding. He has done things presidents have tried and failed to do for 50 years.

I have always liked the idea of a first woman president and I have deeply admired the Clintons since 1991. But 2008 is over. Hillary has to move from the penultimate draft of the speech to the final draft. The final draft is supposed to read like poetry.

I don't even know what Tim Kaine looks like. Please find other more private ways to make Terry McAuliffe happy. We The People seem to desire Elizabeth Warren.

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