Day 2 In Cleveland Reveals The Trump Gameplan

The only weapon Trump will use until November 4 is the weapon he and his team unleashed on the second day of the Cleveland convention.

Personal attacks are known to happen in politics. But personal attacks and personal attacks only on the way to the nuclear code is the last mad dash attempt by The Devil himself. How could he get so close to victory and still be so near to the beginning of his end?

If whiteness asks for a white person in the Oval Office (it shouldn't, it can't, it has no legitimate right to) then Hillary is plenty white. Her inherently inclusive personality, outlook and policy positions have never been about not taking pride in her own heritage.

This mindless attack is the last hurrah of a political party that is about to lose its shirt. In jujitsu you use your opponent's force against himself. Political jujitsu is the same way. This attack can not be wished away, can not be ignored, can not go unaddressed. It can be harnessed.

I was expecting exactly this, but the decibel on it surprised me. It felt like a dust storm of the evil spirits. The soul storm of the negative forces was in full display. Handled right the political jujitsu will give Hillary a 50 state sweep.

The Republicans are the Whigs of 2016. Their time is up. The whole world is watching. American families are watching in their living rooms.

Every Christie, every Giuliani, every Trump has women in their families. They were born to mothers. They perhaps have wives and sisters. But that has been true all these hundreds of years while America has postponed electing its first woman president.

I expect Republican women across this country to start deserting the party in droves in the final week or two. Facts free sexism completely unhinged from facts and logic was in full display on day two in Cleveland. The mindlessness of the attacks was mind blowing.

I guess electing a woman president is a big deal. But the insane rage is not just about Hillary being a woman. Before Bill Clinton even Democratic presidents were born with silver spoons. Some rich people didn't care, but some did care, and you were glad that they did.