What To Do After Grabbing The House

As Mitch McConnell does the racist thing and puts the US constitution into the acid tank, democracy's resiliency is that Hillary will win both the White House and the Senate and a more liberal appointee than the one Obama has proposed will end up on the Supreme Court. Hillary is also on schedule to make two more appointments during her eight years, which clears the deck to 2050.

The White House part of the race is over. The Senate part of the race is over. And Hillary is set to also take the House. Right now the numbers are not officially there yet, but the momentum is unmistakable. I see a tsunami building up.

I have watched elections all my life in many different countries all over the world. I don't watch sports except for the World Cup.

I have never seen anything like this. Hillary just might win all 50 states. The battleground states are no more battling. The focus can now move to the South. And the South is caving in. Tennessee dollar numbers are in and Trump is getting beat by everyone who ran in either party this year.

Hillary is yet to get the Warren bump. And the Obama bump. And Bill Clinton is busy like a bee behind the scenes. This just might be the purest political work he ever got to do. All the craft, none of the tabloid nonsense.

Four is a team. And what a team. This is without precedent in American politics.

So what do you do in the aftermath? How do you run a one party state?

To quote a sentence from Bill Clinton's autobiography, one word: arithmetic.

Don't overplay your hand and lose the majority two years later. Stay in conversation with the grassroots. Stay focused on the future. Celebrate diversity in public ways. For one, that doesn't cost money. If you think diversity is America's past, you have not seen the future.

We are at the cusp of The Age Of Abundance. America (and the world) is about to get so rich that Donald Trump is right, America is Third World today.

But it won't happen automatically. There is some serious steering to do.

There is a world government to hatch. Barack Obama is George Washington. There is a global warming fire to douse, almost all of it through innovation. God gave you a brain.

The same effort that turns the tide on global warming and steers the ship away from the iceberg unleashes technological forces that gives America a Universal Basic Income in 10-12 years. Bernie's asks will be proven small.