The GOP: A Dying Party Indeed

I wondered out loud last fall, which party will take the space just as the Republican Party dies? Now I see an answer. The Democrats taking the White House, the Senate, the House, and all 50 states will give the Libertarians the space they need to get started. After all the idea is not to become a one party state.

The GOP Is A Dying Party And That Is Why I Am Running Against Donald Trump : Libertarian Candidate For President Gary Johnson

Despite the calls at the GOP convention in Cleveland for national unity, Donald Trump sees our country as a land of exclusion. He wants Americans to act as powerless serfs bullied by someone who says he will protect them. Throughout world history, that has been the calling card of Big Government autocrats.

His character assaults are unbounded. His campaign has been one of serial attacks on opponents and climbing to the top by hurting people. And frankly, his immigration and trade policies appear to consist of the same strategies.

This is a decisive moment in the history of party politics in America. In the period leading up to the Civil War, American politics was dominated by a Democratic Party and the Whig Party. The controversy over slavery split the Whigs, and the party embraced nativism, opposing immigration and members of certain religious faiths.

The Republican Party is on its way to becoming like the Whigs. The Whigs died, then a new party came forward with an inspiring and positive vision for America.

Americans are tired of games. They want and deserve simple, straightforward and good government — not overwrought theatrics and demagoguery.

Trump, on the other hand, hasn’t succeeded in business. He made himself rich by climbing over the backs of others. Creditors have been hurt as he walked away from debts.