Guns Kill People

And if guns don't kill people, why manufacture defective guns?

The strategy of those who would control guns has been in fundamental error. It has been about whipping up the outrage.

There's plenty of outrage. The outrage is in clear plurality.

Gun laws are in a political monopoly situation. The NRA needs to be sued out of existence.

This has been done before. Big Tobacco was successfully sued.

Families of gun victims need to come together and sue the NRA out of existence. After that the democratic process can decide on sensible gun laws.

Sensible means a constitutional amendment. No more right to bear arms. What are you? An animal?

A national 911 on a location aware smartphone with a camera with a response time of three minutes or less (keep helicopters at the ready in rural areas) will protect you better than a handgun.

Hunting can apply to be recognized as a sport. Who goes hunting with AK-47s? Cannibals. That's who.