Formula For 50

Hillary Clinton has the option to win all 50 states. She already has the White House and the Senate in the bag. She can also grab the House. Hillary has the option for a total sweep. And as president she gets to appoint three justices to the Supreme Court. That pretty much clears the deck to 2050. Appoint them young. Appoint them progressive. Don't apologize for being right.

But her victory is not a given. It still has to be earned.

She has to pick Elizabeth Warren. For one, Warren seems to be the only one in either party who seems to know how to go after The Donald, sucker punch for sucker punch. With Warren batting, you get a total demolition of The Donald. In the Republican primary The Donald's 18 opponents never were able to figure out what hit them. Warren seems to know how to put The Donald in the exact same predicament. When Warren hits The Donald, he knows he got hit, but he does not know how, he does not know where. And Warren does so without discussing policy, just like The Donald.

Warren is a democrat and a free marketeer who gets labeled a Democrat and a socialist by her opponents. In a free market economy there are no monopolies. Too big to fail is a monopoly situation. Warren has called out on the big technology giants like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple as potential monopolies that might get in the way of the next technology wave. That takes guts. But more likely it just takes a commitment to basic principles.

The 2000 Bush tax cut was money that should have gone into investing in human capital, namely education, health, child care. Bill Clinton has the option to recreate the magic. Give it to Al Gore to walk away from a president with a popularity in the 60s.

The Bernie crowd is actually the Warren crowd. Warren was the original want of that crowd. This is not a socialist crowd. This is a crowd that has needed to google the word socialism. This crowd can smell the Universal Basic Income right round the corner. UBI will not be socialist rabble rousing. It will be evidence based decision making. It does not need an ideological label.

Hillary has to go into the South with the intention of sweeping it. She has to move to own the abortion issue. You could not make poverty illegal and thus end it. Abortion is the same way.

The way to keep hubris in check is to raise the money and build the organization. Another way is arithmetic. Be the party of low deficits and perhaps balanced budgets. Create the surplus to then plough into human capital. Fight the good fight and usher competition into all sectors of the economy. Stop subsidizing dirty energy. Clean has market momentum.

Both Hillary and Warren have to blow the dog whistle to women across party lines. I think some time in October a ton of Republican women are simply going to break party ranks. It will be a flood. It could be a tsunami.

Women need to ask, why has there never been a woman president, or vice president?

America lags behind Germany and Britain. And South Asia for that matter.

The (G.O.P.) Party’s Over
I hope Hillary Clinton wins all 50 states and the Democrats take the presidency, the House, the Senate and, effectively, the Supreme Court.