A Lot Of Women Will Break For Hillary Final Two Weeks

I fully expect Donald Trump to have a bunch of Rick Lazio moments during the debates.

Lazio ran for the US Senate against Hillary Clinton in 2000 and in one debate the guy was seen invading Hillary's personal space. He walked over to her podium.

Donald might not walk. But he has a foul mouth. He doesn't need to. The guy is zero on policy. His gas tank is empty. And that just makes it more likely he will act boorish. This dude's credentials are bad manners. They would not hire him at McDonald's.

All Hillary has to do is maintain her composure. Lazio lost big. A lot of women took offense, and rightly so.

Donald Trump is going to make Rick Lazio look like a gentleman.

Donald will lose big and will take his party with him.

Call it female diffidence, but a lot of women are acting coy about Hillary. But I expect them to break in Hillary's direction in large numbers during the final two weeks. This is going to be a landslide election. Nothing less is deserved.

The historicity of the first female president can not be lost on most women, but they are being diplomatic about it. They are trying hard not to gloat.