Ginsburg Need Not Apologize

Why Ruth Bader Ginsburg regrets her Trump comments

This is an amazingly insane election year. Donald Trump is not running to be president. He is running to be a Hitler, or at least a Putin, or a Saddam, by his own admission. Democracy is in danger. Separation of powers has been in grave danger since Trump went after the "Mexican" judge, and someone from that branch of government needed to call him out on it, and she is the only one who did. Kudos.

Her mind is shot? This from the same guy who called Hillary a mosquito.

Authoritarian government experts will tell you, those in power start referring to people as insects before they get ready to kill in large numbers. First you strip away the humanity, then you do your deed.

These are not harmless words from someone lunging for the nuclear code.

The country should be afraid. Very afraid.