12 To 5

Looks like Hillary went from leading Trump by 12 points to 5 points. How come?

It is one of Clinton's laws of politics. When you get hit, you hit back. Otherwise the public believes the lies.

Donald Trump gave a pretty agitated speech full of lies, full of tabloid "research"  and it worked because there was no counter punch.

The women of America don't need to see a woman take the punches. Heck, that much they do on their own most days of the week. The women of America need to see someone who fights back and wins.

Trump is not running on policy. He is running on misguided mumbo jumbo identity, KKK nationalism, and hot air. And "political correctness" grievances. Which basically means white guys should be allowed to say mean sexist things to women and mean racist things to blacks and Mexicans.

Looks like Hillary needs Warren who goes sucker punch for sucker punch against Donald.

That will give Hillary the luxury to keep to the high ground.