The Bernie Crowd Needs To Get In Line

The time to show enthusiasm is now. It is not about making the right noise. It is about getting things done. How much gets done is in direct proportion to the size of the mandate in November. Don't walk away now and in a year complain you are not getting it. Exhibit political literacy. Prepare to run for public office at all levels in all 50 states. That is what idealism looks like. But don't be walking away now. Every Democrat in over a hundred years has run against a Republican but this is the first time a Democrat has the option to kill the Republican Party. But it will not happen without total unity. There is a very real chance of Dems taking the House. If you want stuff done, get the House.

Show some sportsmanship. Bernie lost. But his agenda did not lose. His ideas carry on. But the government machinery asks for a mandate, or the levers don't move.

Not lukewarm unity, but total unity, enthusiastic unity. If you want to see things happen.