Trump’s Racism

Trump has made racist comments like I have not heard coming out of a major politician. Going back to the apartheid era.

And then he says, I am not a racist. He attempts "outreach" to "the blacks," rehashing every possible black stereotype in the process.

There is a policy vacuum. It is his entire head. That hissing sound? It's the vacuum.

Men of Trump's worldview used to run empires, jail the likes of Gandhi, Mandela and Martin Luther King. In that case Trump is good news. He did not invent this racism. It has been going on for centuries. But what a caricature it has become! These are the dying embers of a once potent hate machine.

Anti-semitism is a strain of the same virus. So is sexism. God says love one another. Satan says hate each other. Trump has satanic impulses.

If anyone told you he is running for president, you have been misinformed! This dude never had a chance.

And the run has been detrimental to his various businesses. The foot traffic is down everywhere.

So why is he running?

Satan worship.

Just like those who truly worship God are not deterred by material setbacks, the truest Satan worshippers are the same way.

His daughter, reports say the person he loves the most, is Jewish, and that did not prevent him from tweeting an anti Semitic image. The likes of Reverend Jackson and the other dudes in Harlem be damned.

Somewhere in Idaho, Wyoming, somewhere over there the likes of Trump are migrating to form a community of their own. And you thought segregation was over!

It is the leftover neanderthal brain. It is biology. Got to be. Trump can't help it. Is there a surgery for it? Or no?

The worst part is this might not be over in November. This dude is going to keep showing up on TV for at least four more years. His title is he is the duly elected leader of the Republican Party, or whatever is left of it. He is keeping that title for four years. Who is to argue?