Hillary, Putin And Trump

The rest of the world has no idea someone who might become president of America is a guy who reads tabloids for "research" and TV is the only policy coach he has, and mostly he talks to himself, and the divorce between facts and his speech happened a long time ago. He never bothered to remarry. Donald Trump is poli fi, as in, political fiction. He is the American Boris Johnson, or Zhirinovsky. Every talking democracy has a bomb thrower. All in the name of free speech. Different men react to the political ascendancy of women in different ways. Some faint. Trump intends to fall flat on his face.

It is possible Putin might do something idiotic to test Hillary's resolve during the first year, but he would be mistaken to do so. Hillary can be a hawk, as necessary. But mostly she is just a cool headed decision maker, kind of like Obama. She looks at the facts, listens to opinions, deliberates, and decides. It is not about being male or female, black or white, it is about doing a job. She has the brains and plenty of spine.

And never forget the Political Spirit, Bill Clinton. The president, the vice president and the political spirit. Two Clintons in one White House is a cocktail.  

One hopes Putin does not attempt some kind of a stunt in Ukraine before November to try to influence the US election. Trump is losing Texas, nothing anyone can do about that. The guy is going to look like he is doing stand up comedy during the debates.