BNN: Bernie News Network

Bernie Sanders should launch a news network. It might not even be cable. It could be a YouTube channel. Considering his crowd is a social media crowd. But it has to be a for profit corporation. It has to be an act of entrepreneurship.

The reason Trump is so buoyant is because he does not feel like he is losing. Trump was never a real estate guy. That was his father. And the world knows Trump is not much of a public policy guy either. Trump has been a brand builder. He has been building that one word: Trump. That's his track record. If you are Donald Trump, you have never been more successful before. Right after he won the Republican nomination he said as much: "This is not about the Republican Party. This is about me."

Trump has been sizing up his crowd. He thinks there are 10-20 million people in the country who can’t get enough of him. That would be enough to sustain a cable news network. That's a billion dollar empire right there. Who says Trump is losing? Or so Trump thinks.

Nothing wrong with launching a cable news network. Except this so called white nationalism is plain ignorant racism. One should take pride in language, culture, religion, heritage. That's positive, that is legitimate nationalism. But hatred and bigotry is not nationalism. But free speech is free speech.

The Bernie crowd needs to run for public office at all levels. And it needs a news channel of its own. It can be set up for little on YouTube. A small staff feeding on a decentralized network of volunteers could do it. The thing is on YouTube there is no limit to how much you can upload, and people can watch on their own schedules. A 10 million strong crowd would bring bumper profits to the ad supported YouTube channel.

This is the crowd that will put in place the Universal Basic Income. This is not the socialism crowd. This is the hypercapitalism crowd that puts human capital, financial capital and technological capital on equal pedestal.

The world is about to enter an era of unprecedented productivity gains, largely technology driven. Jobs disappearing is great news. But there has to be accompanying political innovation. Considering where America can be in 2050, America is Third World today.