This Is What Women "Coming Out" Looks Like

She and a team of organizers and student volunteers had spent the week before school started handing out 5,000 dildos in varying sizes and shapes (some with balls, some without) to UT students, in hopes that they would zip-tie them to their backpacks and walk onto campus openly brandishing veiny, phallic dildos to prove a point about gun control. If it seems absurd and ridiculous, that's because it's supposed to be. The slogan of "Cocks Not Glocks" — the gun protest that had Zander wielding a giant dildo and has drawn international attention to UT Austin — is "fighting absurdity with absurdity."

To Protest Guns on Campus, Students in Texas Are Carrying Big, Fake Penises to Class

​"If you're packing heat, we're packing meat."

Nobody has a right to bear arms. Guns have always been a gendered issue. Guns are patriarchy's number one tool. When they are not fired they are used as scare tools. Guns are the Confederate Flag targeting women.

95% of African Americans (or "the blacks," as Trump might say it.... Thanks to Trump's "outreach" to "the blacks" now I know more about black stereotypes than I thought was possible) voted for Barack Obama. Where are all the womens at?


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