300,000 Gun Deaths In America Every 10 Years

15 Statistics That Tell the Story of Gun Violence This Year

There are 300,000 gun deaths in America every 10 years. In any other country you would call this a civil war situation.

When there is a mass shooting somewhere in America people get all riled up for a few news cycles. But nothing gets done. No rectifying moves are made. In a democracy if a majority of the people want better gun laws they should get better gun laws. Maybe America is not a democracy. False information has been passed around. That America is a democracy.

In no civilized society or country should human beings have a right to bear arms. Human beings have a right to safety, but that's what police officers are for. A response time of three minutes or less is possible every place in America. It is so much easier to carry a smartphone than a gun. There is a need for a world government and a global 911 and a response time of five minutes or less everywhere.

If hunting is a sport, it should be regulated like a sport. Why do you need artillery that can blow up buildings to go deer hunting?

The tobacco lobby also used to be very strong. The gun lobby is strong. Follow the money. Drug gangs across Latin America use American guns. It is almost always American guns that get used in civil wars across the world. This is madness.

The gun lobby has an ongoing civil war in America and numerous civil wars across the world. This is barbaric.

Domestic violence is the number one security threat on the planet right now. In that as well in human trafficking American guns play major roles, not to say in the global drug trade.

The joke on the Soviets was they would dig up ditches and fill up the same ditches to show a lot of work got done. Has America been fighting both sides of the drug war?

Limit guns to police officers and soldiers.

America could use a healthy dose of yoga and meditation. Human beings are supposed to be moved by consciousness not driven by instincts.