Building A Democratic Structure For A Lasting Majority

People coming together in small groups and large groups, people voting religiously and in large numbers and unfailingly every two years, people doing their civic duty, the civic duty of showing up to vote every two years and not just during presidential elections, people meeting in person and talking policy, people being heard by the national leadership, because technology now makes it possible, building a structure of one person, one vote, one voice, the national leadership passing a constitutional amendment to take money out of politics, the national leadership doing away with the nonsense called voter registration, a country that is capable of knowing who its taxpayers are is capable of knowing who its voters are, the national leadership getting rid of the agricultural era concept of an "election day" and instead putting in place an election week, making it possible to vote on smartphones through biometric IDs, you press your thumb and you vote, and taking the voting percentage to 80%, voters should not have to get organized and register and canvass and make phone calls, people should simply have to vote, 80% plus: the work will merely begin when Hillary takes all 50 states in November.

Hillary needs to appoint three female progressives to the Supreme Court. The only way the first female president is amazing is if women holding office after that is not news. America should have 30 women governors. 50 female Senators.

The Dean/Obama/Bernie/Warren crowd needs to run for public office at all levels. Bernie lost fair and square. Now how much you get of what you want is going to be in direct proportion to the size of the mandate. Work your heart out. Sweep all 50 states.

I hope someone from that crowd, preferably a female, becomes mayor somewhere, then Governor, and then president in 2024, and puts in place the Universal Basic Income, an idea Bernie never talked about, but an idea whose time will have come.

The Green Party is bonkers. They are afraid too much of what they want they will get if Hillary gets too large a mandate. They are out to steal votes from the only person who stands between Donald Trump and the White House. I accuse them of political illiteracy. They need to get out of the race and get behind Hillary. Trump is Mr. Climate Change Denial. If you are helping him you are Ms. Climate Change Denial. And if you are helping him and are not even aware you are helping him, well, you are a fool.

The most qualified candidate in history is up against the most unqualified candidate in history. This election is a no brainer for any thinking person regardless of party or gender. The most unqualified candidate is also the most dangerous. Not even in the 1930s did America come anywhere even remotely close to electing a fascist. Trump is a fascist. Trump is a sociopath. I can't imagine someone asking, why can't we use nuclear weapons? This guy is going to think the nuclear suitcase is his lunch box. Trump is insane.