Preparing For The Debates

Clinton preps for Trump's Lewinsky attack

For a guy who intends to be "unpredictable," I expect Donald Trump to be very predictable during the debates. His strategy is going to be to spend as little time as possible on policy and all possible time on sleaze.

Hillary's strategy should be to have stock answers for the predictable sleaze (Lewinsky, email and Benghazi.... with Trump you never know, he might also bring up Whitewater and Vince Foster), to bring up some specifics like Trump University herself, shaming Trump for going after a Gold Star family, not filing taxes, bankruptcies, but all the time trying to get back to policy talk.

The debate format favors her policy advantages. The moderators do a good job of steering policy.

The good news is Donald Trump is not the moderator.

I am looking at a slam dunk for Hillary.

This guy is going to wish he had run for City Council first. The only policy he learned he learned from watching TV.

The 10 point lead now is going to become 20 points after the three debates are over. Hillary Clinton has all the qualities of a good student. And it is going to show.

Donald Trump is a high school bulley now wanting access to the nuclear code. Shame on Donald Trump.

Hillary should attempt her own dog whistle to the 170 million women. Something tells me a lot of women are going to break in Hillary's direction during the final two weeks.