Bihar Prohibition

I don't know what to make of it.

They tried it in the US in the 1930s, and they ended up with Al Capone.

But in India this might be more of a political pendulum swing. If you are going to ban beef, I am going to ban alcohol. Is it true that beef has been banned in Maharashtra?

Hindus not eating beef is totally understandable. But how can you ban beef in an entire state? That is like imposing one religion on members of another religious group.

I have been curious about the details and the logistics. How did they do it? What happened to all the alcohol the day the ban went into effect? Were they destroyed?

Bihar (or India) is not exactly known for great, efficient law enforcement. There is much corruption. So how well has the ban been implemented?

In America Nixon launched a War On Drugs. But today it feels like a way to bring back slavery upon the blacks. There are so many blacks behind bars for small drug offenses, it does feel like slavery is back full force. It has been a racist endeavor.

Domestic violence is a valid, serious concern.

But why do people drink? Why do people smoke pot? Why do people do drugs? Not all of it can be explained as bad choices.

I think in Bihar the number one reason people drink is because there is malnutrition. People are hungry. Also, the abject poverty and the pressures of life could be causing mental health issues. And by mental health I am not suggesting Ranchi levels. Mental health is a spectrum, just like physical health. Physical health does not have to mean cancer. It can also be a cough.

After ban, in a state of low spirits