Barack Obama And Black Men In Jail

Between November 9 and January 29, or whenever Hillary's inauguration is, Barack Obama needs to commute the sentences of tens of thousands who are languishing in jail for minor drug offenses, for nonviolent crimes.

The so called War On Drugs has been white America's attempt to bring back slavery. This is the 21st century. Slavery is old fashioned. We are going to have robots.

Africa is the next China. Africa is coming along strong. Releasing black men from jail would be good foreign policy.

The racism in America's criminal justice system is a UID offense, Under the Influence of the Devil. The evil elements of law enforcement are preparing to go to hell. Why? Why would you want to go to hell? It ain't pretty down there. 

The first black man president needs to mean liberation for a few tens of thousands of black men. And he will get to see the second black president.

B for black, b for resilience.

But true liberation is in forgiveness. The black population needs to actively forgive. Together forgive. Whites repent. Blacks forgive.