Education And Health: The Costs Are Supposed To Go Down

If you own a smartphone today you look a millionaire to people from the ancient era of 1969-1989. Your smartphone has a ton of free stuff all of which used to cost a ton of money, if the services were even available, that is.

The entire world is to enter a knowledge economy. Lifelong education has to become true for all human beings.

When you say that some people start doing their back of the envelope math and start seeing a bill for tens of trillions, money that they claim does not exist.

They are thinking in terms of a million dollars worth of services. They are not thinking in terms of a smartphone.

Costs are supposed to go down dramatically, for both education and health. The Internet is the new classroom. All textbooks and lectures are to be digital and mostly free.

There has to be education in every language. Artificial Intelligence will make everything available in every other language. There will not be a total emphasis on literacy. Where literacy does not cover the ground, oral will do.

With a tablet and internet access you should be able to get a high school anywhere.

Teachers don't go away. People are not meant to go away. Human interactions are a big part of the education process.

There is a need for a fundamental rethink. Human capital is the very center of hypercapitalism.


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