Donald Dumb Says Obama Founded ISIS

As in, literally. Obama founded ISIS.

After killing Bin Laden, President Obama started abhorring the vacuum, apparently.

Obama was born in Kenya. And if he founded ISIS, he must have done so in Kenya. Because there is no record he was born in Syria.

After he founded ISIS, he figured this is as good a time as any, and he converted. He became Muslim, and has been ever since.

But I am not sure he is a socialist. That would be Bernie. Bernie owned up to it.

So if he was busy founding ISIS, when did he create Obamacare? When and where?

It is very possible Obamacare has been written in Arabic. That is why Mitch McConnell doesn't seem to be able to read it. Neither Rudy Giuliani, who is a proud Non Muslim.

As for Donald Dumb, he has no faith, because faith requires reading. A book.


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