Hillary's "Health" : Sexism In 2016

Hillary looks like she might be 10 times more fit than Donald Trump. She is younger than Trump. She does not eat McDonald's two to three times a day. She exercises. Trump has never believed in physical exercise all his life.

Compared to Donald Trump it can be said Hillary Clinton is an Olympic athlete. But only in comparison. Objectively speaking do I think she is an Olympic athlete? No.

So why is Donald Trump bringing up health as an issue? In 2008, it was "cleavage," written up by some journalist. This year it is "Health." Both times it's about the body. It is about objectifying a woman.

There are about 160 million women in America who could wake up. Shed the diffidence. Gay people came out of the closet. Women should do the same.

Donald Trump is not like Bob Dole. Dole actually knew policy. This is not like 1996.

This time it is about a wave election to take the House.
The Republicans are one with Donald Trump on the so called health issue. Tie Donald Trump around the Republican neck. They are with him.