The Infighting In AAP, JD(U), And RJD

The infighting in AAP, JD(U) and RJD (Kejri/Yadav, Nitish/Jitan, Laloo/Pappu) is a sign Modi just might take control of the state governments in both Bihar and UP.

AAP could have given serious competition to the BJP in UP. If it had not gone down with its infighting.

Bihar needs industrialization more than any other state, but Nitish is fighting Modi's land acquisition bill tooth and nail: makes no sense.

If the BJP takes Bihar, I guess Sushil Modi gets to be Chief Minister. I don't know of any obvious face for the BJP in UP. But that should not be a problem. They are a cadre driven party. They have swelling ranks. I had never come across the names of the BJP's three or four newest Chief Ministers.


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