Ayodhya: I Like The Idea Of Both Temple And Mosque

Apparently this is not a new idea. It was suggested during the time of Rajiv Gandhi before the demolition of the Babri Mosque, but was not entertained. Maybe enough water has flown down the Ganga and emotions have quietened down.

This is about India's global aspirations. This is about India wanting to be a global superpower. Forget weapons. This is about soft power. This is about diversity and democracy and diplomacy, three Ds as Modi might say.

India needs to send a message that Muslims and Hindus can live side by side, can co-exist, can thrive together. If Hindus and Muslims can not live happily together, India can kiss its global aspirations good bye.

This is not about history. This is about today. What do you want today?

If India can resolve this, it can hope to play a decisive role in Mideast peace, a lot of which also seems to be about ridiculous real estate.

My only suggestion is, that 100 meter wall, how about making it out of glass? Like in the Apple stores?