A Racist Act By The US Senate

Biden Rebukes Senate Republicans Over Letter to Iran

According to the US Constitution, it is for the President Of The United States to deal with foreign powers on behalf of the country. For that he/she gets an entire department, with presences all over the world. He/she is boss to them and works through a Secretary he appoints.

For the Senate Republicans to directly reach out to the Iranian leadership ---- first, it is an invalid step. I also would like to reach out to the Iranian leadership on behalf of America and Laos. What is the email address?

It is also racism. It is like saying, we don't care who is in the White House, because there is a black guy in the White House. And we don't accept blackness in the White House. Attitude!

These Senate Republicans might or might not be okay with blackness, but that they should think they actually have the option to not accept the US Constitution! And for avowed strict constitutionalists too! If you want the Republicans to stop being so anal about being strict constitutionalists, idea, put a black guy in the White House!

How many black guys do we need to put in the White House for them to get past the right to bear arms part! I want to know.

There are two Armageddon forces on the planet right now: ISIS and the Senate Republicans!

Barack Obama has done commendable work to deescalate the tension around that part of the world. Israel should appreciate. The Senate Republicans should get out of the way.